Radiopharmacy Service

MCNP prepares, dispenses and delivers diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and clinics Monday through Friday, during our normal business hours 2:00 am to 4:00pm. Weekend, Holiday and After-hours service are also available to our customers to meet any specific needs. Products from all major manufacturers are available through the pharmacy. Doses may be dispensed as prescriptions in patient specific unit dose syringes, or as bulk vials. Service includes the retrieval and decay of all radioactive waste from doses delivered. Music City Nuclear Pharmacy is a Nashville-based, owned and operated business.

1) USP 797 Unit-dose 99mTc preparation – Every 99mTc dose is prepared and dispensed by an Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist listed in our Tennessee Radioactive Materials License, # R-19245-A25, expiration 1-31-25 in compliance with Tennessee State Law regarding Sterile Compounding of IV products and USP797 requirements. Every clinical site receiving Sterile IV products in the State of Tennessee should have documentation of their provider’s Clean Room Testing. Ours is included for your review under our USP797 section. Check with your Pharmacy Director and/or Infection Control Officer and see if this is an important vendor criterion to consider.

2) Quality control – prepared radiopharmaceuticals are tested by Thin Layer Chromatography to insure product quality and performance. Particle sizing is performed on all particulate kits. 99Mo breakthrough testing is performed on every generator elution.
3) Clean dose shields – all unit-dose shields are disinfected by bleach and alcohol solutions and checked for any radioactive contamination upon return from the customers. They are also placed into our Dishwasher and washed with a mild bleach solution and soap mixture. Once they are dried and cleaned, they are returned for use with customer doses.

4) D.O.T. Compliance – shipment of radioactive materials is primarily overseen two Federal Agencies, each with their own set of requirements. MCNP has passed on-site inspections from both the Department of Transportation and Federal Aeronautic Administration and was found to be in compliance with all their guidelines.

5) Computer Traceability – any component of any product can be traced back to specific component lot numbers. Our BioRx Pharmacy software system and its companion customer Software, Biodose, efficiently manage our customer’s dose tracking, health physics and patient specific information needs. The entire system works on bar-coding to enhance dose accuracy and order correctness.

6) Hometown Business – We are Nashville’s Hometown Radiopharmacy. We have dispensed over 500,000 patient doses to our community since our founding in 2005. We are very thankful for our customer’s support. And, if you have the ability to choose your radiopharmacy, please give us a call today and we will glad to meet with you, show you our Pharmacy and make you a very competitive offer for your radiopharmaceutical services.