Music City Nuclear Pharmacy was established back in March, 2005. For over a decade now, we have provided the community with impeccable service most especially in the areas of compounding and nuclear pharmacy services that benefit healthcare professionals, care providers and most especially, patients with unique health issues.

We offer our customers a vast line-up of services and access to nuclear medicine pharmaceutical products that improve health for countless patients.

  • Delivery of the Best Products and Services compliant with JCAHO requirements and ACNP quality assurance standards.
  • Our services are designed to maximize your department’s overall efficiency and thus, improve your patient satisfaction and profitability in the areas of dose preparation, labeling, quality control, disposal, and record keeping. Music City Nuclear Pharmacy is dedicated to saving time and money for clients, customers and healthcare providers.
  • We offer the widest product line from distributors and manufacturers with stellar reputation in nuclear medicine.
  • Music City Nuclear Pharmacy retrieves all radioactive and biohazardous waste resulting from injections within your nuclear imaging department; a service that saves you the direct cost of paying someone to dispose of your radioactive and biohazardous waste. We comply with standards set by OSHA, DOT, and NRC regulations.
  • We are a locally owned and operated independent pharmacy, the money you spend stays in your area, not to another state. By patronizing our services, you are also helping the local Nashville economy grow.
  • Dose Orders are facilitated through BioDose, which is a Compatible Computer Software System that is automated; thus is reduces mistakes and mis-entries that usually occur in manual systems.