About Us

Music City Nuclear Pharmacy provides a full line of radiopharmaceuticals, ancillary products, and supplies used in nuclear medicine for diagnosing disease, planning treatment regimens, and evaluating a patient’s progress and response to therapy. Every Sterile IV patient dose is prepared in compliance with USP 797 sterile compounding standards with a certified ISO Class 7 Cleanroom environment and ISO Class 5 laminar flow hoods. We are inspected and certified twice annually and all our Clean Room documentation is available for providing to your management. We invite any Pharmacy Management personnel responsible for their facility‚Äôs IV products to come and visit our facility.

We also have a separate ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 5 Biological Cabinet where we perform labeling of White Blood cells for various diagnostic purposes.MCNP provides itemized invoices listing each individual prescription dispensed, so pharmaceutical charges can be easily matched to individual patients.

We provide various Health Physics services via our State issued Health Physics RAN license. Services include all sealed source testing, dose calibrator testing and survey meter calibration and repair.Additionally, we are always available. Our normal work hours are Monday through Friday 1:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. However, Saturday and Sunday service are available depending on customer needs. And, Emergency, add-on, or “stat” doses are delivered in a timely fashion.